Android Application Development

Android Development
Try v1.2 Bootstrap Online Android Widgets TextView EditText Button RadioButton Checkbox RatingBar ProgressBar SeekBar Switch ToggleButton Spinner AutoComplete TextView MultiAutoComplete TextView CheckedTextView TextSwitcher ImageSwitcher AdapterViewFlipper Android Images And Media ImageButton ImageView VideoView Android Date And Time TextClock DatePicker TimePicker Chronometer Android Implicit Intent Email Maps Phone Call Phone Dial Camera Android Explicit Intent Activity Transition Passing Value From one Activity to another StartActivityForResult Example Facebook Twitter Whatsapp GooglePlus Android Toast Simple Toast Positioning Toast Message Custom Toast Android Containers ListView Custom ListView Expandable ListView GridView WebView SearchView Android Menu Context Menu Option Menu PopUp Menu Android Containers Activity Lifecycle Fragment Lifecycle Fragment And Activity Lifecycle Combined InterFragment Communication List Fragment Dialog Fragment Android Wifi Manager Change Wifi State Get Wifi Info Get Wifi List Android Tween Animation Fade Zoom Rotate Move Slide Bounce Blink Sequential Together Android DataStorage SharedPreference Internal Storage External Storage External Storage Public Directory Cache Storage SQlite SQlite Insert SQlite Read SQlite Update SQlite Delete Android Notification Notification InboxStyle Notification BigText Notification BigPictureStyle Notification XML And JSON Parsing JSON Parsing XML Parsing Material Design TextInputEditText FloatingActionButton SnackBars Bottom Navigation Bottom Sheets Navigation Drawer

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