Highest paying programming languages you need to learn now.

This question might have come in your mind that which programming language should I learn? Or which programming language can pay me the most?

Well recent studies have found some highest paying programming languages so what’s you waiting for scroll down and get to know about them.


Go has toped the list of highest paying languages in the recent years. It was created in 2009 as open source development platform, popular services like Google, Uber, Netflix, Soundcloud, BBC uses Go for internal and infrastructure functions.

Average salary: 110,000$ per year.


Programmers of Scala can have very rich future according to their experience in it. Scala is compatible with Java which makes it good and if you know both you can easily get high paying jobs.

Approx Salary: 110,000$ per year


It is used to make client server web application, there are around 9 million Java developers all around and it is one of the most popular languages in the world.

Salary: Can get upto 117,000$ for most qualified candidates.

4.Objective C

It’s the language which is used side-by-side with other language in Apple platform.

Expected Salary: 100,000-110,000$ per year.


It’s a more readable and better version of JavaScript. No wonder why it’s amongst the highest paying list.

Salary: upto 105,000 per year.


People uses this language because it can express the concepts in fewer line of code . Python is known for its readability and simplified syntax compared to C++ or Java.

It is general purpose programming language.

Salary can approch to 99,000$.


It used for developing data analysis and statistical software. If you enjoy maths this language is perfect for you.

Salary upto 100,000 per year.


It’s a general purpose programming language used for many system programming situations like embedded systems.

An expertise can get salary between 90,000-100,000 per year.


It is newer than C++, it has build many application that run on Microsoft and .net framework.

Salary upto 107,000 annually.


Powerful and reliable, Perl has become known as the Swiss Army knife of scripting languages, used primarily for system administration, network programming, finance, and graphic user interfaces.

Salary upto 110,000 per year.

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