How to earn money at home

Everyone wants to earn money from all the sides possible, nowadays technology and internet has opened alot of ways to earn money. You can use your creativity, studies and skills to earn money through digital platform.

Here are some new platforms from which you can easily earn money.

1.Sell stock photos

You don’t have to be professional photographer to click photos. You can click photos and sell them to stock photo websites like Shutterstock, istock, Adobe. Once you are approved as a contributor then you will get 15% of every photo’s cost. Another photo websites like Getty gives more money per photo but they want exclusive rights.

2. Online classes

Whatever you are expert in, you can sell it online. For this you have to create courses and sell it to any online learning platform. You will have to record the video lecture, make syllabus, write content and prepare the assignment. Once all of it is completed you can post your course and learning platform will give you remaining profit after taking their share.

3.Sell crafts

If you are interested in art and craft then you can sell your unique designs on online crafts

marketplace like ebay, Amazon, Handmade, Bonanza, Craft is art, Artfare, Zibbet etc. But most of the sites charges to list the items.

4.Interior e-designer

Field of the interior e-design is quite new. Companies like Modsy, Havenly, Decorist, Laurel & Wolf are becoming famous for interior e-designing. These companies hire e-designer which can design the things according to package and need of the clients.

5.Manage social media

In today’s scenario social media has become so much creative field. If you are master of social media channels then you can earn money by managing the social media accounts of clients. In this you will have to do works from account making to content writing, marketing and increase the followers of the client.


It is not so much creative work but it has become a way to earn money for writers. If you can type fast and accurate then you can earn money in this field. With laptop, WiFi and headphone, transcription can be done anywhere.

7.Edit copy

If you are good in editing then you will have to review the written content, check it’s factual accuracy, spelling mistakes, grammar etc. As a copy editor you work on print magazine, web copy, financial reports.

8.Virtual tutor

Now a days you can become virtual tutor by using the techniques like Facetime, Skype, Google hangout to communicate with students. Most of the tutoring companies search expert in particular subject. They provide online training modules too.

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