Its the 21st century and we live in a world full of wonders and advancements which once seemed an impossible fantasy.Life is now way easier than it used to be earlier.But the question is…are we making the best of it?Are we living it to the fullest?People are now using technology to such an extent that it has started consuming them.Sure technology has a dark side.But it has benefits that is way much brighter than the dark side.One of the bright things of technology advancement that has recently drawn the attention of billions is-“INTERNET OF THINGS”.

What is Internet of Things?In simple words it could be explained as a combination of a ‘thing’+computational intelligence+network connection.These things also known as the IoT devices have transformed the lives of people and benefits them in numerous ways.It offers impressive ways of living life to make it a better and an effortless one!Earlier internet was a thing that made us happy enough with all the data,facts and figures which it provided but now we have something more than that..internet of things,where a thing like a refrigerator which was used to be known just as a cooling device being an IoT device facilitates jobs that need not to be done manually anymore like keeps a track of your stock,monitor the temperature,ice ready indication,etc. This is how we differentiate internet of things from simply things of internet.

IoT begins with our things.The goal is to transform not just physically but mentally.From adding sensors to creating smart devices, we build our things into an IoT device.Now its time to tap into that data and make it a part of our lives.There is so much to give and to get,just a distance of analyzing and adopting the change.To be in pace with technology leads towards a tremendous life.


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