Java Programming


Programming in Java

FUNDAMENTALS OF JAVA TECHNOLOGY AND PROGRAMMING Java platform features, Java technologies-JSR, JCP. Data types, Key words, Scoping rules Automatic Type Conversion , Type Casting and Arrays Operators Precedence And Associativity, Expression. Flow control, new featuresfrom Java5 to Java 7 Enhanced for loop, switch statements, handling Strings, Entry Point for Java Programs CLASSES, OBJECTS AND STREAMS Class fundamentals: Declaring objects, Assigning object reference variable, Methods And Method Signatures, Method retuning Values, Method with parameters, Variable arguments in Java 5 I/O Basics: Byte stream And Character Stream, Getting user input: Reading console input And Writing console output, Reading and Writing files-new file system API NIO2 Constructors: Default Constructor, Parameterized constructor, Copy Constructor. this keyword, Garbage Collector, finalize() method, Overloading methods and constructors Using object as parameters, returning object in methods, recursion, Access control, static and final keyword Nested and Inner classes , Command Line argument String and String Buffer class, Java Bean standards, Naming conventions INFORMATION HIDING AND REUSABILITY Inheritance basics. Using super, Method Overriding. Constructor call. Dynamic method dispatch Abstract class, Using final with inheritance, Default Package. Path AND Class Path EnvironmentVariables Package level access ,Importing Packages, Interface: Multiple Inheritance in Java Extending interface, Wrapper Class, Auto Boxing EXCEPTION , CONCURRENCY, ENUMERATION AND ANNOTATIONS Exception handling mechanism. new look try/catch mechanism in Java 7 Thread class AND Runnable Interface. Inter Thread Communication, Synchronization of threads using Synchronized keyword and lock method Thread pool and Executors framework, Futures and callable, Fork-Join in Java. Deadlock conditions Enumeration in Java 5 - usage. Annotations: basics of annotation. The Annotated element Interface. Using Default Values, Marker Annotations. Single-Member Annotations. The Built-In AnnotationsSome Restrictions GENERICS , COLLECTIONS FRAME WORK AND GUI PROGRAMMING Generics: Basics , Generics and type safety Collections Interfaces – Collection, Set, List, Queue, Collections Classes – Array List, Hash Set, Tree Set. Accessing a Collection via Iterators. Map Interfaces. Map Classes – Abstract Map, Hash Map, Tree Map Introduction to Swing, MVC Connection, Containers – Jframe, JDialog, JPanel,JRootPane, JLayeredPane Placing components into containers, Event Handling, Components – Jbutton, JLabel, JTextField, JComboBox, JList, JTable, JTabbedPane

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